Put Your Dog in a Big Dog Ad

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Make your pet look like a winner. Use natural light, include a full body shot, and take the photo at eye level.

We Work Our Magic

Our art department will incorporate your image into a BigDog ad of our choosing.


Once your Dogagram is posted it will be open for voting.

Dogogram 2

Submission With The Most Votes Wins a Bobble Head

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a fun monthly contest created by Applied Underwriters. Our national marketing campaign features our company mascot, the Big Dog in various locations all over the U.S. We take an image of your pet, scale him or her to Big Dog size, and swap your pet in place of the Big Dog.

It’s easy. Just upload your pet’s photo here, or email it to .

Your Dogagram is posted on our Agent portal site and shared via all our social media channels.

It is a monthly contest. The Dogagram with the most votes at the end of each month is declared the winner. If that pet has previously won, the prize is awarded to the Dogagram with the second most number of votes for that particular month.

We support file uploads up to 5MB.

One vote, per person, per month.

You will receive an email letting you know when your pet is on the Pet Gallery.

Yes! Encourage family and friends to vote by sharing your Dogagram via your social media feed, or directing people to

Votes are tallied the last day of each month, at 5pm PT. The winner is then notified by email.

The only pets that don’t get Dogagrammed are those whose photos we cannot work with.

A limited edition Big Dog bobblehead. And bragging rights.

No. We accept any kind of pet. In the past we’ve Dogagrammed chickens, horses, cats, goats, and rabbits.