More to Pour™ ends November 30

Now’s the time to get rewarded for all your hard work this fall. Check out the Levels page to see the wine rewards you will earn with the deals you’ve already closed this fall — and to get that extra incentive to close [...]

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Fall Means More to Love® and More to Pour™

Autumn has arrived and has brought with it football, sweaters, and More to Pour™, Applied’s fall promotion that delivers more ways to earn great wine rewards. Check out our Wine Promotion page to see all the wines — and wine accessories — you’ll earn. [...]

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More to Pour™ from Applied

Check your mail for our latest promotion, then check your garage to ensure you’ve got enough room for all the wine you’ll earn during More to Pour™, running now through the end of November. Whether you’re a fan of Cabs, Merlots, or you [...]

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Earn Golf Gear Now Until August 31

You call the shots with more coverage and more rewards. Tee off with more products and services including Transportation Liability and Physical Damage. From taxis to trucking fleets, we keep businesses moving with “A” rated coverage and support from industry experts. The [...]

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More to Love from Applied Underwriters®

An idea too big for one product line. More territory, more imagination, more appetite, more service, more expertise, and more to come. We’ve expanded our coverage into new lines to deliver more of what you love about Applied.  Our story started with [...]

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The Mighty Big Harvest: Last Call

Last call for wine. The glass is almost empty for the Mighty Big Harvest. Don’t forget to send us your submissions. Your chance at cases of great wines and other rewards is going fast. The Mighty Big Harvest ends 3/31. [...]

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The Mighty Big Harvest: Wine Clock

It’s time for wine. Quite literally. The Mighty Big Harvest is back and brimming with flavor-filled, full-bodied rewards. Check your mailbox for our trusty Wine Clock, and you’ll have no troubles making time to enjoy a glass of the good stuff. Just [...]

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